What Is Partie?

Partie is an all new matchmaking and communications platform for the gaming community.

Find the
Perfect Squad

We rely on individual subscriptions and a universal rating system to support an ecosystem of fair, safe and frequent play.

Playing Is Better Than Waiting

Traditional in-game matchmaking frequently leaves players waiting for extended periods in game lobbies. Furthermore, negative experiences with other players only add to game churn and less active participation in multiplayer games.

In-game Matchmaking

Excessive Wait Times
Potential Toxicity
Lack of Player-to-Player Accountability
Unpredictable Environment

Partie Matchmaking

Expedited Matchmaking
Community Safety
Universal Rating & Reward System
Tailored Experience

Streaming Is Not
For Everyone

While many gamers have dedicated themselves to full or part-time live streaming, the barrier for entry and competitive landscape is growing rapidly, while the direct financial returns are diminishing — on average, only about 1% of major streaming platform users actually earn revenue. Besides, not everyone who plays games wants to or has the ability to stream.


Requires Upfront Investment
Excessive Time Demand
Highly Competitive Community
Weak Earning Potential


Simple Subscription
Partie As You Please
Supportive Ecosystem
Achievable Earning Opportunities

With your Partie Subscription you can...

Establish a universally relevant, cross-platform gaming profile.

Track and maintain a Rating, attributable to your activity, progress and reputation.

Create and join Parties with timely, accurate Matchmaking — play your favorite games.

Challenges with the perfect squad and learn from verified experts and pros.

Earn Revenue as a verified Partie Partner. Increasing in abundance as our community grows.

Gather Tokens and unlock Achievements with each successfully completed Partie.

Get Started

Partie is available for free on Desktop, iOS & Android devices.